Carriage Ride  

 Our horse-drawn Carriages seat 6 to 7 adults comfortably, depending on the carriage. 


Hay Ride 

 Our Tractor Drawn Hay Rides seat up to 30 adults.




Carriage and hay ride capacites are approximate, with 1 adult meaning a person of average build and height. You may be able to fit more or fewer people, particularly if there are children in the group.  

How to set up your ride:

01  Choose your type of ride:

02  How to view the lights and pricing:

Carriage Rides 

Carriage rides include all of the light displays,  last a little less than an hour.

[$97.50 per carriage] 

Hay Rides 

A truck-drawn Hay Ride passes all of the lights and lasts a little less than an hour. 

[$14.00 per person with a minimum of 8 riders - Maximum trailer price $200* see below]​

* Hay Rides are $14.00per person, with a minimum rate of $98 and a maximum rate of $200. They seat up to 24 adults, or more with children in laps. So pricing is as follows: For groups with 1-8 people the price is $98, $14 each additional person, with the maximum rate cap price at $200, for a group of  14 or more riders.

We will offer special days and times for individual hay riders. Please see our Facebook page for more information on Theme Nights.


NOTE: Credit Card Charges: A credit card fee will be charged for each card in the amount of 3% per card. 

Prices only valid if you're picked up from designated area. If you have a party at a different area in the additional charges may be applied.

03  Pick your date and time:

November 29th - January 4th, 2020

- Rides leave the station regularly and start across from Mistletoe Village (First Tennessee Foundation Visitors Center). Look for the lighted carriages lined down the sidewalk. Check-In and Payment are made at the Pavilion.


- We are OPEN on Christmas Day, and Christmas Eve!




Still not sure when to come? 

Tip:  Rides between 6:00p and 8:30p are great for Parties with Children. For Couples and Adults, come a little later for a romantic ride starting between 8:30 and 10:00.

04  Call now to book your reservation or go to Reservation Page for On-Line Request



05  Come on down and enjoy your ride!



-  Check our Directions Page for how to get to your carriage or hay ride.

-  We have blankets, but feel free to bring extras from home.

-  Please come 10 minutes early for your ride. If you miss your reserved time, we can't guarantee the same carriage or time slot, but we'll get you on the next available carriage!

If your question wasn't answered above, check out our FAQ's page​.

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