et me introduce you to

Starry Carriage Rides also known as The Carriage Company.

We are the Horse-Drawn Carriage Company that offers rides through the light display in Shelby Farms Starry Nights. We also offer rides in Downtown Memphis, 365 days a year. We offer Carriages for any event you can possibly think of. For more information on that, go to our website . You can also find us on Facebook at

The Carriage Company or Starry Carriage Rides. 

Not familiar with Starry Nights?? Not a problem... The next few pages will walk you STEP BY STEP through everything you need to know to have a great Starry Carriage Ride...and we have included some pics below to let you know what to expect and what our Carriages look like. See one you like, feel free to request it when you reserve your ride. We will do our best to make sure you get to ride in the style you prefer. 


One of a Kind Proposals

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Cinderella Carriage

Visa V or Open Top