We booked our ride, now how do we get to the Park and carriages?

First thing, remember that you do NOT need to get into the long line off Walnut Grove. Instead use the back entrance! Check out our Directions Page for instructions and a map to the back Carriage Rides Entrance and parking inside Shelby Farms Park for your ride. And if you're still confused, give us a ring at 901-522-2862 and we'll help guide you.


What should we bring with us for the ride?

All you need to bring is $5 for parking, yourself, your smile, and your little or loved ones! We've got blankets, but if you want extras, bring some from home. That's it! 


How can we book a Carriage Ride for Starry Nights?

Call us anytime you're ready to book your ride! And if you're not sure what kind of ride your group needs, you can check out our Step by Step page before you call. We look forward to talking to you:  901-522-2862. You can also reserve a spot by filling out a Reservation Request on our Reservation Page.


What time should we arrive for our ride?

We'd greatly appreciate it if you could make it to Shelby Farms Park at least 10 minutes before your ride. This way we can get everyone settled and on their way to the beautiful lights on schedule. If you're late, we can't guarantee the same carriage, time, or length of your ride.

Is the pricing per person or by the carriage?

The price is by carriage, not by person. 

Full Carriage Ride A full carriage ride includes all of the lights displays, is a little less than an hour. [$97.50]

Our Hay Rides are truck-drawn and pass all the lights and exhibits​. [Prices depend upon # of people]


Where can I find more
information about Starry Nights?

​Read all about Starry Nights, Magical Mistletoe

Village, and the new Starry Zoo at the Shelby

Farms Park site, http://www.shelbyfarmspark.org/starry-nights



If you've checked out our site and
still have questions, feel free to call
us at 901-522-2862.

Frequently Asked Questions

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