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Frequently Asked Questions

We booked our ride, now how do we get to the Park and Carriages?

First thing, remember that you DO NOT want to get into the long line of the Main Entrance off Walnut Grove and Farm Rd. Instead use the next drive down off Walnut Grove and Great View Drive. You will come in the drive next to The Coastal Fish Company and Fed Ex Event Center. Go past them and through the gate. You will dead end. Parking and Check in is on the left. Check out our Directions Page for instructions and a map to the Carriage Rides Entrance and parking inside Shelby Farms Park for your ride. You can use The Coastal Fish Company address in your GPS to follow, 415 Great View Dr. And if you're still confused, give us a ring at 901-522-2862 and we'll help guide you.


What should we bring with us for the ride?

All you need to bring is a Blanket (if you like), you may bring drinks and snacks on the rides as long as you clean up after yourselves... Oh and Your Holiday Spirit! That's it!! 

Can I bring my pet with me?

YES! We love animals and all ours rides are pet friendly.

Can we bring Hot Cocoa or other drinks??

Yes you can.  We just ask that you leave the ride as clean as when you got in it. No glass products, though, for safety reasons.

How can we book a Carriage Ride for Starry Nights?

Call us anytime you're ready to book your ride! And if you're not sure what kind of ride your group needs, you can check out our Step by Step Options Page before you call or we will be glad to personally help you with that. We look forward to talking to you:  901-522-2862. You can also reserve a spot by filling out a Reservation Request on our Request Page. No money down needed to reserve you spot, just your name, phone#, and email.


What time should we arrive for our ride?

We'd greatly appreciate it if you could make it to Shelby Farms Park at least 10 minutes before your ride. This way we can get you checked in, payment, and on your way to the beautiful lights on schedule. If you're running late, no problem, just call 901/522-2862 and let us know. When you arrive, we will work you in between the other reservations . We can not guarantee you on the next ride but we will get you in as soon as possible.

Is the pricing per person or by the carriage?

The price is by carriage, not by person.  However, our Hay Rides are per person. Hay Rides are tractor-drawn and the entire trailer is reserved to a single party except under special circumstances.  With both rides, you will pass all the lights and exhibits​. See the Options and Pricing page for more info.


Where can I find more
information about Starry Nights?

Check us out on Facebook at : Starry Carriage Rides, Starry Nights at Shelby Farms, or The Carriage Company​

Check out our website for The Carriage Company:

Or go to Shelby Farms Park site,

Or Call Westy's Restaurant 346 N. Main, Downtown OPEN till 2am every night - 901-543-3278




If you've checked out our site
and still have questions, feel
free to call us at 901-522-2862
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